The Missing Link

Butterflies and Borders

Episode Summary

The monarch butterfly can migrate 3,000 miles. But humans see migration differently – we’ve drawn borders and we control who crosses them, where, and how. What if the little butterfly, through its migration across borders, can fundamentally change how we see the world and who moves through it? We’re speaking to anthropologist Dr. Columba González and conservationist Neha Sinha, who tell us about the connection between monarch butterflies and human migration. In ‘The Missing Link,’ The Swaddle’s science podcast, we take a look at humanity’s most urgent questions – and the answers that might be lurking in unexpected science. Credits: Hosts: Rohitha Narharisetty and Ananya Singh Writing and Production: Rohitha Narharisetty and Ananya Singh Sound Design, Associate Producer: Vibhav Saraf Marketing Collateral Design: Hitesh Sonar Art Director: Neha Shekhawat Executive Producer: Karla Bookman Note: Since the recording of this episode, Dr. González has moved to the New School for Social Research, where she is an assistant professor of Anthropology.